Style & Self

How did Styleworthy start?.

I was inspired a few years ago to start an online store as I was doing buying for a few small businesses in the GTA.

I have always wanted to open a store and saw that by offering in home styling and curated experiences was needed for a diverse range of women.

After a year, I realized that I wanted to not only help with styling but with self.

Naturally, both go hand in hand but I found that the added stress of social media was adding to self doubt and body dysmorphia.

I was sparked to do a panel event named, Style with Intention last summer (July 2018) as I had noticed on social media, there was a post on Women’s day and there was no diversity in the photo. The woman had surrounded herself with a great support group but there was no cultural diversity.

That lead me to want to grow the Styleworthy Society even more. I had curated an event with the women who inspire me, that had diversity. From different sizes of women, to different colours.

Fashion is about the size 0 to 12 in most retail stores and I want to show those who don’t fit in the mold, that style comes from with in. We can find pieces that suit our lifestly eand needs and they won’t wear us.

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