Start off New

Set Your Intentions.

We are starting off New at Styleworthy. Once, focused on selling garments, we found that selling Self, is a better way to grow a community. We have evolved into sharing experiences, encouraging others & of course anything, Style. From Fashion, Interior Design to Lifestyle.

Claim this year as your most stylish ever.  Make a promise to yourself to try new things, break bad habits and be open to change. I use to do New Years resolutions, then I realized, they were made to be broken. By setting goals at the top of the New Year, it did’t leave me accountable.

Creating rituals around the moon cycles is a powerful way to connect with our hearts and the universe on a regular basis. New moon rituals range from simple, elaborate, to everything in between. The most important aspect of your new moon ritual is that you connect with it and set aside time to engage with your practice each month. You will be amazed by the energy that comes from hitting the reset button with each new moon and how much you can manifest in such shorts period of time.

What does this have to do with Style & Self?

It means that you are focusing on taking care of your self. In a world filled with distraction, it’s a ritual that you will enjoy taking time to do.

Surround yourself with the ones who will support you in this time of transition & renewal. This is a great start to the year of taking care of you.

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